For all ages and for all levels

Porto Surf School offers surf lessons for people between 6 and 66 years and for all levels. It does not matter to us whether you have never been surfing or if you are already in a symbiosis with the board. Our surf instructors accommodate to your individual abilities. Together with you they will try to build up your surfing technique, improve it and bring it to perfection.


Discover the magic of surfing

“Finally learn to surf.” You have made the decision long ago but now it’s time. Welcome to our beginners’ course. We will introduce you step by step to the basic skill set of surfing. You start with a comprehensive introduction on the beach and then start practicing in the white water near to the beach. It’s a secure playing field to learn the basic techniques in a safe environment.


You are hooked and want more now

You have taken surf lessons already, have been gaining experience with a surfboard, your take-off in small undulation works well and you want to take it the next level? In this case our Intermediate Course is just right for you. You will deepen your basics, prepare the step to surf unbroken waves and practice your first maneuvers. During the Intermediate Course you can already use hard surfboards if you want which provide you with a more direct contact with the waves.



You can surf already but you want to get better

You belong to the advanced surfers if the take-off is no longer a problem and you also ride an unbroken wave safely down to the side. From this point on we will make you familiar with the subtleties of surfing. Your instructor will try to optimize your skills by going into your individual technique, working on your weaknesses and empowering your strengths. The focus will be particularly on diving underneath the waves, speed, bottom turn, top turn and cutback. You will receive a shorter or longer hard surfboard.


Every day we start from the center of Porto

Every day we start with our surf vans in the center of Porto to go with you to the beach. Every day we will search for the spot with the best conditions for you to find the best waves in a beautiful environment.


You will get ideal material for learning

You will receive a surfboard and a wetsuit of your size for the surf lessons. For the beginners we use professional soft boards which provide a maximum of stability in the water. The participants of the intermediate and advanced courses receive a hard surfboard, adapted to their individual skills and body height.



An even more intensive coaching

In addition to our regular surf classes we also offer individual lessons upon request. The training is organized according to your individual level and for a maximum of 2 persons. Your trainer will give you in-depth support in the water and assures effective learning to reach your objectives even faster. 3 hours individual training for 1 or 2 persons: € 180.



transfer to the beach

3 hours lesson a day

surfboard & wetsuit

certified instructor




1 day 50 EUR
3 days 141 EUR
5 days 220 EUR

extra day

(after 5 days)

44 EUR


1 day private lesson

180 EUR | 1 or 2 pers.

surf taxi incl. material

35 EUR | day

just board & wetsuit

25 EUR | day