Porto is home to many beautiful beaches for surfing and relaxing.


Porto offers ideal conditions for any surfer

Porto is a highly respected city among international surfers. The 25 surf beaches in a radius of only 30 kilometers offer an excellent quality of waves, suited both for absolute beginners and for pro surfers. The many options enable our experienced surf coaches to find surf spots where you hardly have to share the waves with other surfers, even during peak season. You see, Porto is the ideal place for relaxed surfing.


We are searching for the best surfing conditions

Our daily surf trips will bring you to the best places to learn surfing, but you will also experience beautiful places which you would hardly find during a traditional tourist excursion. The best waves and beaches and also the deep connection of traditional Portuguese culture and the local surf scene create the ideal environment to get closer to this unique sport.


Maritime climate and consistent surf

The long Atlantic Coast provides a maritime climate with mild winters (13° C/ 55° F) and warm summers (28° C/ 82° F). The water temperatures vary between 14° C (57° F) in winter and 19° C (66° F) during the summer months. The biggest swells bringing the highest waves arrive between the months of November and April at the northern coast of Portugal. The summer months, however, provide smaller waves and are thus perfectly suited for learning.


City with a heart and a lot of history

Porto – also referred to as Oporto - is the second largest city in Portugal and one of the oldest cities in Europe. The city was built in the Middle Age near to the estuary of the Douro River at the Atlantic Coast and is also called “capital of the north". The historical center “Ribeira” is made of narrow streets and dense building on hill terraces. 

It is registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1996. The maritime lifestyle and the unique cultural diversity attract a growing number of young people from all over Europe every year. Porto was distinguished as "Best European Destination” in the years 2012, 2014 and 2017, leaving 18 other major European cities behind.