Explore Porto´s surroundings on a SUP Board

One hour away from the city of Porto, the charming wine-growing area of the Douro rises. The River Douro runs from its source in Spain through the north of Portugal towards Porto. Leaving hundreds of kilometres behind, passing small villages and sunny wine slopes, the river eventually flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Our Douro Stand Up Paddling (SUP) Tour takes you to the heart of this lovely region and offers you a closer connection to the river. Enjoy its beauty and fascinating surroundings cruising along with your SUP board under your feet.


Start and meeting point

Starting point for our SUP tour is around 9:30am in the center of Porto, close to the estuary of the river Douro. From here, our SUP van will take you to a picturesque village with beautiful vineyards reaching down to the riverbank, where a tributary joins the Douro.


Even before the SUP Tour has actually taken place, you are already enjoying the lovely nature of Porto. As soon as we have left the city a charming hinterland opens up: Hilly landscapes with sleepy village, Mediterranean gardens and green vineyards all the way along the river side.

What to expect?

After approx. one hour´s drive, we have reached our destination. The paddle boards will be let to the water at a quiet spot of the river. Here we have calm flow conditions which are ideal to get used to the boards and practice the first paddle steps. Our experienced guide will explain you the basic technique and help you to find your balance on the board. As soon as you are feeling comfortable, we will start paddling down the river towards a smaller tributary, which leads us through a scenery of fresh green nature and rock formations.    


Smaller bays and coves with waterfalls as well as diverting currents will give you the opportunity to both relax and enjoy the nature and spend some joyful moments. Have fun, jump from the rocks into the water or paddle through streams – whatever you like, there is something for everyone on this tour. The SUP tour ends on the Ilha dos Amores –  the island of lovers –  a small river island where we will rest, have a small snack and enjoy the unforgettable view of the Douro before heading back to Porto.  




> transfer to the SUP location

> board and paddle

> life vest and lycra

> instructions and guiding

> max. 8 people per tour

> insurance


swimwear and towel

cloths to change

water and sunscreen


Start: 9:30 am at the Surf School
Duration: approx. 5hours
Price p.p.: 60 EUR