For all levels and ages

The PORTO SURF SCHOOL offers surf lessons for participants aged 6 to 66 years and of all levels. No matter whether you are completely inexperienced and haven´t been in contact with this sport yet or you are already one with your own surf board – our surf instructors adopt to your individual abilities! Together with you, they will work out the basic techniques of surfing, improve your skills or even bring them to perfection.


Discover with us the magic of surfing

“Learn to surf”! You have been dreaming of riding waves for a long time? Today is the day: Welcome to our Beginner Course! We will introduce you step by step to the basic skill set of surfing. Starting the course with theoretical knowledge and a comprehensive introduction on the beach, we are going to practice with you in the white water near the shore. Here you can learn the first steps with your board and practice the new technique in a totally save environment.


You are hooked and looking for more

You have already taken surf lessons, gained experience with a surfboard and your take-off in small waves works well? Now you want to take it to the next level? In this case our Intermediate Course is what you are looking for! Here you will deepen your basics, prepare yourself to surf unbroken waves and practice your first maneuvers. Your intermediate surf skills allow you to use hard boards during the entire course, which we will provide in the size and shape according to your level. 


You know how to surf and want to improve

You belong to the advanced surfers if the take-off is no longer a difficulty for you and you know how to ride an unbroken wave safely down its wall. From this point on, we will make you familiar with the subtleties of surfing: Your instructor will optimize your skills analyzing your individual technique, working on your weaknesses and fine-tuning your strengths. The focus will be particularly on duck diving, generating speed, bottom and top turns as well as performing cutbacks.  


We start our surf lesson in the center of Porto

Every day, we leave the center of Porto and drive together with you in our surf bus to the beach. Our surf instructors are always looking for the surf beaches with the best conditions. As many of  the beaches are part of protected areas, you will enjoy not only good waves, but also the particularly beautiful surroundings of Porto.


We provide quality material for all levels of surfing

You will get your own board and wetsuit for the entire time your are joining the course. For beginners we use professional soft boards, providing a maximum of stability in the water, for intermediate and advanced surfers we offer hard or soft boards in various sizes and shapes according to your individual skills and body mass index.    


For even more intensive support

In addition to our normal surf courses we also offer private lessons on request. With a maximum of 2 persons you will be individually trained according to your surf level. With our intensive private classes you can achieve even more effective learning goals and faster results. 3 hours of private surf lessons (1-2 persons) 180,- EUR.




Porto offers ideal conditions for every surfer

Highly considered as a great surf destination, Porto attracts surfers from all over the world. Within a radius of only 30 kilometers, 25 surf beaches offer a wide range of excellent waves suited both for absolute beginners and pro surfers. Having that many options and alternatives, our experienced surf coaches will always find the surf spot with the best conditions for your level and line ups where you hardly have to share the waves with other surfers –  even in high season. Soon you will notice how relaxed it is to surf in Porto.


We take you to the best places around Porto

On our daily surf trips you will not only learn to surf, but also discover Portuguese places that you might not see on a traditional sightseeing tour. Besides great waves and beautiful beaches, you will experience the Portuguese culture and learn about the local history of surfing. Porto is the ideal place to get closer to this unique sport and explore a new environment and its cultural diversity at the same time.    


Maritime climate and consistent surf